December 28 2012

SR 500 Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression LSO Brace

SR 500 Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression LSO Brace

The SR 500’s patented expandable air-distraction system is designed to offer a high degree of mobility and support while assisting with your patients active rehabilitation. During inflation the tubeless air cell mechanism expands vertically, anchoring up underneath the ribcage pushing upwards, and anchoring down against the pelvic girdle pushing downward, stretching the torso vertically, molding to the natural curvature of the Lumbar spine, decreasing axial loading and significantly reducing pain levels within the Lumbar region.
Lumbar Spinal Air Decompression LSO Brace



There are 8 different sizes of the SR 500 LSO Brace, from size small to size 5 XL, which will accommodate measurements from 25” to 52”. When measuring your
patient for the brace, the measurement needs to be taken at the most protruding part of the patients “torso”, which is usually level with the patients naval.

Although each brace has its optimal recommended sizing, there is about an inch of play on each end of the measurement. Example: size Large is a 33”- 35” optimal fit; however the brace will extend from 32”- 36” (plus or minus).

Once you determine the measurement, you may refer to the measuring chart that is on the packaging of the brace for the correct size LSO brace and panels.

Fitting the Patient:

Position the brace, completely deflated, within the con cavity of the patient’s lumbar spine, so that the brace is sitting above the patients pelvic girdle (commonly known as the hip bones) and under their rib cage, making sure that the Spinal Rehab Solutions “logo” patch is center over the part of the patients torso which protrudes the most, which is usually their navel. Secure the brace with both Velcro fasteners, keeping in mind that the brace can be secured fairly snug because as the brace is being inflated it will primarily expand vertically.

Maximum recommended air pressure for the brace is 14 psi, which is clearly marked on the hand air pump air pressure gauge.

For the fitting and placement of the Posterior and Anterior Rigid Panels, please see the “Rigid Panel Discussion” article.

Wearing and Protocol:

The SR 500 LSO Brace is designed for both short-term use on patients with acute conditions such as lumbar sprain/strain, and for long-term use on patients with chronic conditions such as lumbar disc bulge, disc herniation, disc protrusion, disc degeneration, lumbar facet syndrome, etc. Duration of use should commensurate with the duration of pain and discomfort.

Suggested wear time is approximately 4 hours per day, it is recommended for the brace to be worn during the patients most challenging times of the day. Patients may find optimal results by splitting up the time they use the brace into two or more time periods, such as by wearing the brace for two or three hours in the morning and two or three hours in the afternoon and/or evening.

It is not only possible, but recommended, that patients use the brace (without the panels) while doing core strengthening exercises.

Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol:

For optimal results while a patient is undergoing “spinal decompression therapy”.

Spinal Rehab Solutions is extremely familiar with “spinal decompression therapy”, in fact we are currently working with some of the top spinal decompression table manufacturers and spinal decompression therapy companies in today’s industry.

The SR 500 LSO Brace has become a valuable addition to the success of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

To continue applying a distractive force and to extend the results of the decompression therapy outside the office, it is recommended for the patient to wear the SR 500 LSO Brace for a minimum of 2 hours as soon as they get up from the table after every decompression therapy treatment.

A Very Interesting Fact:

Question; With 99% of all LSO bracing on the market today applying constriction and limiting mobility, Is it possible for the muscles in the lumbar region to not only avoid atrophy, but to receive stimulation & strengthen while wearing a brace?

The Answer in a Minute…

When clinical studies are reported, they are usually very dry, boring and to the point, and unless you have a complete understanding of the particular reported subject, the study can be quite unclear.

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a portion of our “clinical study” and explain the uniqueness of certain findings with respect to how SR 500 tested with the “Cybex 6000 Isokinetic Dynamometer”.

The Cybex 6000 has been used throughout the world by doctors and scientists from different colleges of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and sports physiology departments to analyze and measure the values of different muscle groups under different conditions within the human body.

So what does all this mean? The Answer to Our Question…


The following graphs clearly show the before and after endurance characteristics of the extensor and flexor muscles in the lumbar region before and after the use of the SR 500 LSO Brace.

Resulting In:

  • Sustained muscle strength, power and endurance
  • Greater muscle stimulation and flexibility
  • Allowing more range of motion

Wearing Tips & Suggestions

  1. Regardless of the size and / or shape of the patient, the Brace is always positioned on the body the same way.
  2. The thin and light weight design enables the patient to wear the SR 500 either over clothing or discreetly under clothing.
  3. As the patient is wearing the Brace and has the need for a slight adjustment, they can briefly push down on the air valve stem to release some air, and with the slightest amount of air released it is amazing how much of an adjustment this makes.
  4. Prior to removing the Brace, it is recommended to deflate the Brace first so that the patient’s torso settles gently.
  5. When you are ready to deflate the Brace, unscrew the air valve counter clockwise about 2 turns to release the air. Please advise your patients that although the air valve will unscrew completely off, it is not necessary to do so.
  6. The SR 500 LSO Brace is made of 100% cotton with an outer urethane coating, and is completely machine washable on a gentle cycle.